Early in all of our lives, we filled our days with play. Indeed, we played in differing ways in our varied childhoods – with some continuing playtime a little longer than others!

Play isn’t culturally bound, and it is natural to young humans, just as it is our animal counterparts.We learn to communicate through it, we develop friendships as a by product of it, and in many cases it can be the grounding of working out our likes, dislikes, and even our characteristics.

When did playtime stop for you? When did play become something you had ‘gotten over’ or that proved too childish for you? When did you leave your playground?

As adults, we engage in various ruled, regulated forms of play.
From team sports to pub quizzes. Often rules by skill
level hierarchy, this still comes from our early days of play.The
desire to experiment, and to enjoy an activity shared with others. But much of this is confined to weekends and evenings. Sometimes even to the limitation window of sunny summertime weeks.

How often do we allow play into our lives, on a daily basis? And more importantly – how often should we?

There has been vast amounts of research established regarding the link between circus based practices and cerebral development. But what has that got to do with your day at work? Actually, more than you might realise.

Oxford University has proved in several significant studies that complex tasks such as juggling significantly positively alter the structure of our brain.They recorded a 5% increase in one study of white matter (the cabling network of our minds) when juggling was introduced as a daily practice, regardless of skill level. Not just a colourful pastime, then.

Beyond personal development, studies also established that the communication involved in the sharing of juggling practice could significantly improve inter-relations between

study participants from even short or initial periods of juggling activity time.

When was the last time you overcame a workplace challenge? Did you do it alone, or did you ask for the help of someone on your team? When was the last time you enjoyed refining a skill at work – and how did it make you feel?

We know that life’s challenges aren’t solved by quick fixes. Just as we know that the business world isn’t always an easy place to be, with the daily provocation of communication in a world where technology increasingly takes the lead. Here at CircusMASH we really believe in the power of picking up some juggling balls, and seeing where it might take you and your workplace.

And apparently, so does Oxford University – catch!

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