I’m sure we’ve all heard them before. There are some real classics, which I’m sure we’ve each come across at some point, such as ‘there’s no ‘I’ in team‘ or ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail’. 

Know the ones we mean? Indisputably, they are strong claims indeed. But how helpful are they to us, in terms of application in our lives and our workplaces?

We live in an age where quotes and motivational speaking are becoming some of the most popular posts we see on a daily basis. We read them on Instagram feeds. We absorb them while watching commercials on the television, hidden amongst sales talk. We might even share them on Facebook. There are podcasts dedicated to inspirational quotes, and even conferences you can pay large amounts of money to, in order to learn the next best way to motivate or inspire yourself.

In a corporate environment, it can become very easy to fall into ‘office talk’ vernacular. We can lose ourselves in terminology and company structuring, to a point where human connection is at risk. It may seem tempting to solve this by printing out some well known movie based statements and placing them where staff will see them – but does this really work?

At CircusMASH we are big believers in connection with our communities. To us, a business environment is no different to any other community that we spend time with. We focus on bringing the art of our heart to office spaces, conference rooms, and training rooms – using circus to do so!

We do love a good quote! In fact, we have based our entire ethos upon just the one. It’s one we came up with ourselves. And we happen to think it can be shared anywhere, not just in the circus ring.

Dream way too big, and forget not your purpose! Live every day, like your life is a circus!  CircusMASH

Our team building exercises are the tools to our methodology. But our heart lies in these words. We’re all human, and sometimes we all may need that little sprinkle of something special to remind us of our journey. Let us be the change! Book us for your next team building, and let us demonstrate the power of words in your office space.

Don’t forget to dream, CircusMASHERS. It’ll be the best thing you choose to do today.

To book any of our team building event packages, head to our team building pages, or e-mail us at info@circusmash.co.uk