We have probably all attended an event of some kind that we have very much enjoyed and remember clearly. We probably also can immediately bring to mind an event we didn’t enjoy, that was dull in some way, or that we were glad to arrive home from! Thought of an example of each immediately? Thought so.

Personal preference might have quite a bit to do with things. We aren’t all going to all love the same things in life. Some may love the idea of a walkabout magician at the office party, while others very much would not! We will differ in our tastes of music, of our choice of food, and our styles of socialising. So, as an event organiser, how do you go about choosing entertainment for your next event that will leave a lasting, positive impression?

The answer to this, from our perspective at CircusMASH, is actually very simple. We focus on the possibilities of quality. And within that spectrum, we look for innovation. Yes, we originate from traditional circus training and practices. But our passion is in delivering innovative circus experiences across the Midlands that are unique in order to bring together every member of the audience present.

We cannot say that every attendee will like the same things in life. We work from the knowledge that they don’t, which is the magic of circus in itself! We create work that we know will leave a lasting impression, and we make that our focus. Perhaps that impression is in wonder of how an artist can accomplish the juggling skills they show! Or it might be that the least likely member of the company ends up joining in a friendly and relaxed workshop activity, that brings them out of their shell, leaving them with a sense of achievement that will last far beyond the end of the event.

We don’t want everyone to be the very same. Quite the contrary, in fact. Our company was born from the belief in the power of divergence, and in embracing the unusual. This, readers, is the CircusMASH way of thinking!

If you’re interested in booking us for your next corporate event or special occasion, then get in touch. We’d love to share our ideas with you – let’s create some memories!

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