What an absolutely extraordinary opportunity to be part of this project. It was our biggest ever undertaking creating sports themed circus choreography courses and walkabout entertainment every day in every venue (right from the dress rehearsal of the opening ceremony to the wrap party for everyone involved) . We were thrilled to be working with lots of new performers and the buzz over three weeks at CircusMASH and in Birminghamwas incredible.

The journey began some months before when we were approached by PS Events Group commissioning us to create some installations for venues and the more we got chatting the more excited we got. We’d worked with PS Events earlier in the year for a run of 30 interactive shows at Warwick Castle for their summer carnival. As the weeks went on we were creating more and becoming more part of all of the venues. We’d like to thank The PS Events group for putin their trust in us to create something special. 




Here are some words from Joanna Leek about her experience.
Joanna was one of our performers at the University of Birmingham venue. 

The Commonwealth games has been one of my most enjoyable and memorable places to perform. Mainly due to the ‘buzz ‘ around all parts of the University of Birmingham but also the positivity of other workers, spectators and organisers. Everyone involved had nothing but good things to say. I remember talking to the father of a Scottish squash players whom was competing in his first commonwealth games. I saw him on 2 dates where his son won both matches and it was such a delight. With events like this everyone should embrace the moment. Which I think, it seemed almost everyone did. Like many,  Birmingham is my hometown and this will never happen again! 

I would stand and watch people and even spoke to a policeman who was working and asked him about his stories and experiences of the event. On day 4 he had not received any issues or big incidents. It makes the job 100% more interesting and worthwhile. I would do jobs like this at every given opportunity. MEMORABLE! 


Along side our pro work in the stadiums and venues, Penny Barret created a wonderful 85 community performer show around the games. Every act in the show was representing a country in the Commonwealth and our community had a fantastic time showing their skills off to their family and friends.  



Thank you to everyone that made the Commonwealth Games as successful as it was.
Dream way too big and forget not your purpose but live every day like your life is a circus!