artist development

helping you carve out at least 1 day of entrepeneurial thinking

What's Next?

What’s Next is series of artist development  sessions for self-employed creatives to help them carve out an entrepreneurial framework of thinking. Holistic, creative and mindful professional development mentorship to get you where you want to be.

For creative and artistic pros that struggle to balance ‘creativity’ and ‘the business’, produce their own work and/or make enough money to sustain a full time living.

Many artists use producers to help them bring their idea to fruition, but funds can sometimes stand in the way of this. By investing into our inner producer, we’re investing in a future business and way of thinking.

What’s Next will teach you to own your artistic and entrepreneurial view point, enabling you to structure balance between you as an artist and you as your own producer. We will dig into your artistic practice and introduce a new entrepreneurial process to build your business around you.

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Joe Fearn

Joe Fearn

Founder and CEO

I’m Joe and I’m the founder of House of MASH and CircusMASH Community. Over the last two decades of making/performing circus, producing my own performance work and engagement projects, I struck up an interest in business and took some much needed time to attend Aston Business School.

I’m super passionate about sharing knowledge and helping new freelancers get their first steps in industry. I’ve created What’s Next because I have been asked the same question over and over again for years. Where do I start? How do I put myself out there? How do I work more?…

I hope to share space with you, and help you on your journey.

“Working with Joe even just for an hour gave me the direction I was missing to set up my business. I now know what the necessary next steps are and am confident I will be able to set up a successful and stable business over the coming months”

Paula Renzel

Circus Artist / Consultant, Pretzel Performing Arts

One to One Sessions

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Plan of Action as well as some information about our journey together and how it all works.

I work with artists and creatives for one off sessions, in blocks of four over four weeks (to build a mini plan) or a block of 24 weekly sessions over 6 months (to build a growth plan). Download your Plan of Action here. 

“It was refreshing to be able to discuss business models with someone who actually understands both the business world and the Circus world – in my experience it’s always been one or the other which can make things much more difficult and confusing! Joe has the expertise, knowledge and generosity to share which certainly made the sessions invaluable for me”

Carys Nicholls

Circus Artist

group sessions

6 Week Group Course – 6 x 90 Minutes Online Sessions

The 6 week What’s Next course will equip you with a business model and a plan of action to bring your idea to fruition. It will outlay the starting point of your future career path. The key is hard work, and with self compassion and belief, together we’ll explore tools and techniques to help you through the tough times. It is only when we invest into ourselves that others also start to invest in us professionally. Here’s what we’ll explore…

Week One

Shaping your business model and your income streams

As artists we take a deep dive into our idea, how it makes us feel and research how to bring the creative elements to life. Taking this same approach to producing our own work can be just as fun. It’s just a different headspace.

Week Two

Creating a content strategy & marketing plan

In 90 minutes we’re challenging ourselves to make one years worth of social media content. We’ll dig into who our audiences are and how to get our content in front of them.

Week Three

Dreams, Goals & Habits

Part physical workshop, we’re looking at habits and observing a birds eye as we carve out 15 mindful minutes everyday to work on ourselves, enabling you to push through tough times so these ideas can jump off the page into your life.

Week Four

Producing content and lining it up, ready for launch

Diving a little deeper into our content strategy, taking a look at blogs and automating newsletters, as well as the journey we want our clients to go on. Every opportunity is an educational one, and if you have ever found that clients or potential clients want more from you than you can give, see it as an opportunity to fill in their unknown unknowns.

Week Five

Value Proposition and finding yours…

This is about the value you’re offering to whoever you’re working with.
It is the special thing that you do that others don’t. Your unique selling point (USP).
It deserves its own workshop and a lot of thinking to really differentiate you.

Week Six

What’s Next?

In the final session we’ll look at an implementation plan. A plan of action for the next few months.
Hard work, grit and determination is fundamental in carving out what you want for your work life.
We’ll approach it holistically ensuring we take care of ourselves in whatever processes we put in place.