So maybe you’re wondering how on earth you can immerse yourself in creativity, make something special and sell the hell out of it with limited funds. Is it possible to do both or do we really need that producer that we keep talking about?


Let’s explore a different options…


Circus has always attracted both artistic and entrepreneurial types. While both bring different perspectives and qualities to the table, there is often a significant difference in their approaches… and when we are one head with no money… how do we make it work?

An artistic approach involves focusing on creative process, holding the vision strong and managing the energy.  Artistic approaches are often less concerned with the commercial viability and instead emphasise the artistic vision and the making of work/art.


An entrepreneurial approach involves focusing on creating and running a successful business. Entrepreneurs are often focused on making their business commercially viable, money and developing their brand. It is a more strategicapproach, seeking to identify market opportunities and create innovative business models.


I’ve always seemed to straddle two points of view that were in conflict with each other. As a creative I see shapes, colours, formations, atmosphere, beauty, pain and I find a way to shape a concept and craft a visual to share my inner dialogue, when words just don’t suffice.  As an artist I am looking at the world around me and am interested in making positive change where I can. As an entrepreneur I see a structured operational process that needs continued management, a set of goals and plans that I have zero time to push forward at the pace I want to. An outward look on our customers, future proofing as I go and noticing what is on the horizon. Of course I can be entrepreneurial in my art and artistic in my entrepreneurial endeavours but my enquiry is which do I enjoy more and how does society influence this?

Some years back I took some time out of MASH to go to Aston Business School. Revolutionary! I found a set of boxes which are known as a business model canvas. Although it took me a long-minute to wrap my creative head around it I finally started to see (a few years later) the beauty of it’s structure and the palette of options that it presented me.

What’s Next is a programme I have developed to help other small business owners and artists looking to build a sustainable plan of business. It comes in form of a course or one to one sessions and at it’s heart is balancing out these two approaches. Interested in learning more? TAKE A LOOK