… and then the show was over! 

I’m lost for words. Last weekend (9th – 11th December) we performed our first showing of our new show DREAM. It was shown in a cabaret style format with food from the award winning Rourke’s Pies. We transformed our beautiful training space into a cabaret venue for the weekend with electric atmosphere.

Our story began with three stages of mind, where one was not certain and felt left behind. 

Joe Fearn (Director) and Kelly Casey (Dramaturg) started this process back in September. It was a super image lead process and as ideas came we put them into practice… Our aim was to find the striking imagery and a loose tale that somehow connected our images. We used a children’s book called Tortoises Dream as our source of inspiration. 

We’re all on a journey. Achieving takes time, and achievements come very slowly, they take work. We’re all tortoise, getting to know ourselves as we go, learning, making tough decisions and fearing the unknown.

In every journey there will always be a distraction. In every distraction there will always be a journey. How old were you when you first learned to dream, and how old we’re you when you realised you’d forgot it.

Our Sensational Cast, Crew,  Creative Team & Volunteers!

We are so lucky to have amazing people around us to make Dream Cabaret happen. Professionals, community members, young people and volunteers. This has been four months of hard work from everyone and I want to give a huge shout out to the beautiful people that were involved..

Sarah & Jacquline are local students from FPS Fitness who are a beautiful boutique aerial and dance studio local to us! Thanks so much supporting us on this guys, for coming to see the show and always being amazing!

So what’s the plan Stan?

Dream is a musical, the idea was born a musical and that is what it shall become.

Our plan in 2023 is to apply for a pot of money from Arts Council England, find some rich sponsors,  strengthen the narrative and write the music.

We’re dreaming big here and we’re already planting our ‘big time’ dream seeds.

We’re planning on doing shows throughout 2023 at our venue in Kings Heath to keep researching what works so please continue giving us your support and telling friends and family to come and see the show.

I guarantee you will have a fabulous time!

Doubt your challenges; challenge your doubt
Look to the sky and never the ground
Throw around fear, it’s good to share  
But fear is catching, you’d better beware
So throw it, catch it, then leave it behind
And trust in  the image that’s clear in your mind…

What did we learn?

This isn’t just a show. It is a collection of moments from our classes, community, socials and hang outs that when joined together spark something magical. I take huge pride in placing all of these things in an order that when performed turn into something else.

I learnt that you need to feel the fear and do it anyway. I’ve always wanted to write a musical. Something that shared love, empathy, magic, reality, inspiration, fear, perception and reaction. Something that sang to everyone heart and  made them stand up and take some action towards something they want to do for themselves. The first steps are the hardest. I just took my first step.
Sometimes it’s scary and sometimes it’s fun
For your story is written and has already begun 
So as long as you treasure each moment in time
Your head and your heart will be partners in crime. 

I live my life creating new ventures, new possibilities for myself and my family and making people feel good. I’m outing my fear now when I say I find it hard sometimes to take action on what I really want to do. This show is monumental for me, and for 15+ years I have wanted to enter into the professional ‘showbiz’ space but fear is a bitch… and it’ll tie you into a box.

Circus has always taught me to step outside of my comfort zone but when it is your every day, it’s hard to remember how to step out. I’m so proud that I did, and we produced something epic.

As an organisation we learned that together we have the power to achieve anything and although we are a mini fish in a big pond, we have the charisma, nerve, uniqueness and talent (Thank you RU) to do exactly what we want to and to make the world a more inclusive place in the process. 

I am humbled by how many of our community members have told me what watching and being part of the show has done for them. I’m so proud of each and every one of them. The special  thing about what we do is there is no hierarchy between professionals, novices, skilled community members, volunteers. We are all equal and all wanting to share our message as one. I am grateful to have your all in my life and for your passion, energy and heart that you have invested into this show. 

“CircusMash Dream Cabaret was simply amazing! The choreography, the talented performers, the jaw-dropping skills, the music, lights and atmosphere were superb. Much as this show deserved a much bigger stage and venue I felt privileged to experience it as such an intimate venue. Three performances is nowhere near enough. This show should tour!

I really want to give a special mention to Natalie Nightingale and Kelly Casey who are both new to our team this year. I’ve known Kelly for 10 years, we used to work together but some time has passed since we connected again this year. We auditioned Nat in October and the whole crew fell in love straight away. Everyone has worked super hard this year but these two helped us to create a show that was more than a circus show. A show with heart, narrative, meaning, live music and a new soul. We’ve upped our game and we’re not looking back.

The wire we’re walking as we spin all our plates, 

Distractions aplenty from finding our fates

Just stop for a second and listen within 

For this moment right here is about to begin

It’s time to stand up and reach for your sky 

For a dream is a dream and your head will ask why

But your heart is the wind that becomes your best friend 

So take her advice and just start at the end.

I’m going to sign off with our new trailer for Dream Cabaret. If you didn’t catch it this time around, we hope to see you next time where we promise it will be bigger and better!

Dream she was told and too big it is  not… For a dream is a dream and must not be forgot… 

Now the clock has struck 12 and our story is done…. Remember your purpose and why you begun. 

Thank you for your continued support and always remember to…

“Dream way too big and forget not your purpose but live every day like your life is a circus”

Tarrah Loves.