I’m a Celebrity, get me to the Circus!

ITV, This Morning


Meet Celebrity Circus School. A programme for ITV’s ‘This Morning’ and a project that, we admit, had us a little starstruck!

The brief? Consultation and advice for a celebrity circus school which was designed to run live from London’s Southbank one summer’s morning.


Did someone say circus school? That’s right up our street (or should we say bank, since it was on the side of the Thames!).

And so we set about planning. We helped ITV to understand which circus skills could be learned in a short amount of time, skills that would really engage a TV audience.

We guided the team through the logistics and health and safety aspects of working outdoors, training beginners on circus equipment, next to a river… all whilst live on TV. Finally, we developed a performance to kick off Celebrity Circus School.


The team were thrilled with the results and how much could be taught in such a short space of time. Joey Essex conquered the Rolling Globe, Cleo Rocos amazed us with her Aerial Skills and Josie Gibson took on the Trapeze. After a morning of training with our experts, they were each able to perform their skill at the end of the show. They were great sports and we were delighted to share our love of circus with a wider audience.

We worked with Joey Essex, Cleo Rocos and Josie Gibson who all spend the morning training with us, and then performed their skill at the end of the show.