Sustainable Development Goals
From day one the future of the world was super important to us and now as we find ourselves in a post pandemic, cost of living crisis with so much that needs repairing, the feeling of change can become quite overwhelming. We’re so fortunate and grateful to have a healthy organisation that has a great impact on our local community. 

There are 17 sustainable development goals world leaders have created for countries to understand what action they can take to make the world a better place. If you want to learn more about all of the 17 sustainable development goals you can read about them here. This blog takes a deeper dive into the goals we’re committed to aligning ourselves to. Here is how we will play our part and the actions we will take…




Sustainable Development Goal 3. Good Health & Wellbeing
– Target 3.4 Promote Mental Health

We promise to create a safe space for community to come together, learn, socialise, converse, grow and have opportunities to make friends. From this foundation we can work inclusively and adaptably to ensure that no  matter what income people have or do not have, they have access to a space to nurture something new in their lives.

Our pay what you can REFLEX class gives people the chance to cut through their busy, overwhelmed, maybe engulfed mind and have an opportunity to think about what positivity lays ahead of them and what they are going to do for themselves to make each day the best it can be. Read more about our Reflex class here and we hope to see you in class. 




Sustainable Development Goal 8. Decent Work & Economic Growth

– Target 8.6 Promote Youth Employment, Education and Training.- 
– Target 8.B Develop a global youth employment strategy 

Every year we see young people that have been with us for years go off and take the next steps into their life and fly away with the skills that they have acquired from the circus. In an unknown future, it is super important we do what we can to ensure that there are as many opportunities for young creatives and further opportunities to learn. We promise to continue to support the development of young people and create professional paid opportunities for them to learn and grow directly within the performance space.

We are huge advocates of education, especially around business, self employment and entrepreneurialism and through our Creative Collective peer to peer support group we will share the space and knowledge we have to help individuals build their own income streams, enabling them to sustain the art they create as a full time profession. 



Sustainable Development Goal 10. Reduced Inequalities
– Target 10.1 Promote Universal Social, Economic and Political Inclusion
– Target 10.3 Ensure Equal Opportunities and end discrimination 

Inclusion is everything to us. We believe circus, creativity, art is for everyone and we will do what we can to always promote inclusion and take action for change in everything that we do. We will continue to adapt and learn on our inclusion journey and promise to create equal opportunities in all areas of our organisation.

Sustainable Development Goal 13. Climate Action

  • Target 13.3 Build Knowledge and Capacity to meet Climate Change

We will continue to learn about the things we can do and play an active role in helping climate change. Considerations will be made through all decisions within the organisations and explore ways of raising more awareness for others to take action. Here are three short clips from our Creative Collective member Georgie.